Content Creation for Cool Hammocks

For Cool Hammocks, I created a variety of blog posts to fit the theme of the brand. Content creation on Cool Hammocks varies from outdoor content to ways to help you sleep.

As well as writing blog posts for Cool Hammocks I also ran their Facebook page, using different times throughout the year to promote the brand, coming up with promotion ideas to show off the latest products and also responding to any issues which may arise.

To see some of the content I have created you can view this here-

How to improve your sleep in 2019

In 2019 so many of us are looking for new ways to feel better in our everyday lives. Sleep is one thing that affects us all, a bad nights sleep can equal poor productivity the next day as well as low moods and generally feeling unwell. The NHS advise that we can get seriously ill from lack of sleep and The Sleep Council recommend finding somewhere we feel comfortable to relax is the first step to getting a better nights sleep. Hammocks have been around for at least 1000 years which is the earliest trace of one on record. They were originally used for protection as opposed to leisure…….

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4 Hammock friendly campsites in the UK

Camping is one of the best things you can do outdoors, especially in campsites where you’re provided the ultimate freedom, all around the UK there is campsites dotted around. However, not all of them allow hammocks, so today we’ve created round up complied of the best hammock friendly campsites in the UK for you, so all you need to do is head on over and pitch up your hammock. Some of the places have hammocks for rental too, so if you’re unsure about purchasing your own this may be the perfect way for to try one out before you buy one from Cool Hammocks……

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4 Must Have Festival Essentials

One of the many things the UK does well is putting on a great festival. Each summer swarms of us head towards a festival or multiple in aid of an escape from reality and a chance to enjoy fantastic music, time with friends and the ultimate down time. Whether you’re visiting a huge festival such a Leeds, Glastonbury or Download or a smaller one the they all have something in common and that’s the camping. With it being a festival, first things we’d recommend not taking anything valuable as it may get lost or stolen. Bring back the Nokia brick and grab your wellies as here are our top 4 must haves for any festival.

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