Copywriting for What Uni

What Uni is a site filled to therm brim with advice (soon to be), university students, with everything from budgeting to mental health and even resources for parents on the site. Over the last few years, I’ve created a variety of articles for the site. Advice posts and lists are something I enjoy writing. To view some of my best What Uni articles:

How to Deal With Anxiety at University

Being an anxiety sufferer is something I’ve had to deal with for a long time. At first, I just thought I was shy, but I soon started to realise it was more than that. It took until I was 17 to get the guts to go to the doctors and ask what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and was left confused, but soon found lots of forum posts and helpful information. After reading up on it, all of my symptoms made sense. From the not being able to breathe and avoiding places to struggling to go out anywhere…….

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6 Feelings You’ll Have When You Start University

When you start university you’re likely to experience a wave of different emotions, especially in your first few weeks. And you certainly won’t be alone in this.  Olivia shares some of the emotions she experienced…When you first start uni, the first feeling you’ll probably have is happiness.Once everything had settled down at uni, I felt an overwhelming urge of happiness as it was a new adventure to me, (without my family), and the chance to make a whole new group of friends. It’s just what I needed in my life…….

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Living in Student Halls as a Mature Student

A common misconception about university is that you need to be young to go – as soon as you leave college or sixth form. However, over 60% of all undergraduates in the UK are over 21 and this figure keeps rising. Another misconception about university is that you need to be young to live in student halls. And a lot of mature students opt for renting privately over halls but while there a lot of reasons halls are seen as places for young adults, not all are factual and some of the negative ideas you may have in your head may actually turn out to be positive……

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Why You Are Not Too Old to Go to University

Recently Kim Kardashian hit the headlines, but not for the reasons you might expect: she has decided to train to be a lawyer. When the news of this came out a variety of questions were asked in the press. One was: Why? As Kim already has a lot of money and doesn’t need this extra work. The other was: Isn’t she a bit old to be going back to university?

We here at Whatuni believe that you’re never too old to start a new career or follow your dreams, so why not do it?…..

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