The content created on PhilAston is unique, current and looks into a variety of eCommerce solutions and building social media. With Phil providing the feedback of “being efficient, always on time and happy to get stuck in.” Currently I provide new in depth content for Phil weekly regularly keeping up to date with the latest eCommerce trends, what is new in marketing and posting via social media.   


I have written a number of pieces on Phil Aston around the topic of eCommerce. With such a big industry to cover, there are so many different techniques and methods to look into. Some of my best work on the site under eCommerce would include using hotjar and which are some fantastic tools for eCommerce. 

Social media

For, I have been managing the social presence on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Providing regular posting of new content, engaging with any comments or feedback left and making sure to keep up to date with any changes in trends. 


Alongside content in the social media field and eCommerce, I have wrote a number of pieces regarding influencer outreach and how to run a successful campaign. This content provides an insight into how to run your influencer campaigns and what to expect. 

Phil Aston says:

“Olivia at Link Donuts has been managing our Blog and Social media now for a number of months and we find her quality of work across the board to be excellent. Very proactive and an excellent communicator – highly recommended.”