Time management is a process that we use to manage our time in the best possible way. When you work for yourself it can be difficult to manage your time effectively. By planning out your day it allows you to manage your time easier, therefore utilising your time more efficiently and making sure that everything is done within the time frame in which you’ve set it to be.

If you are someone struggles with motivating yourself, often time management can be a difficult task. Especially when you’re up against procrastination which most of us are masters in. When it comes to learning how to manage your time, a lot of us hit a wall and don’t know where to even begin, but not to worry, we have some tips today to help you with this.

time management as a freelancer

Why is time management important?

There are a number of reasons why time management is important, some of these include having enough time to complete tasks to a high standard, lowering your stress levels and allowing you to focus on one task at once. We’ve all been there when we’d rather be doing anything else compared to the task at hand and our minds drift on to other things, social media is one of the biggest issues. When you log into Facebook you can often feel yourself scrolling for hours and loose track of your day. Which as a freelancer can be detrimental as meeting deadlines is essential.

Time management as a freelancer:

As a freelancer splitting up your day is key, work out your uttermost productive times to work, I tend to find I work better from 11am onwards. Then split your day up around this. I often find myself writing myself a to do list for the week and then deciding what needs to be done within each day. Not only does it allow you to see your workload in front of you, but it also allows you to be able to cross out tasks in which you’ve completed which is a great feeling after a long day.

However, if you’re not able to complete your full to do list that day, add it to the next day and don’t feel downhearted about it. We often give ourselves too much and this is how we can end up burnt out.

time management as a freelancer

Consequences of poor time management:

Poor time management can involve poor quality of work, late deadlines and also rushing consequently leaving us feeling overwhelmed. Working as a freelancer does mean making sure the deadlines are met as it looks bad to the client, but poor work quality is equally as unsatisfactory. When you’re overwhelmed you tend to ramble, panic and doubt yourself and your skills, I often find this happens to me. Taking the time in advance to work out how long a project is going to take and making sure you can do it within a deadline set is important.

How to improve your time management skills:

A few tips to improve your time management skills:

  • Create a list each day of what ideally you need to complete, cross each item off as it is completed. Those which are left on the list move them over to the next day.
  • Reward yourself when you’ve done well, it’s okay to treat yourself after you’ve completed an immense project or even just finished your work for the day, you deserve it.
  • Avoid endless social media scrolling as it eats up your time. Working on social media can make it more tempting to scroll through the platforms, however, it is important to close tabs of social media down when they’re not being used to avoid temptation.
  • Finally, find out what works for you. Nobody is the same and it’s important to remember that, something which works for you, might not work for somebody else. Find your way to work.

On the flip side:

Although procrastination is a gigantic problem for the majority of us, working too much is also an issue. As it is up to you to work out your work load and when tasks will be completed, it can involve long days (and nights) and not enough breaks. I’ve recently installed an app on chrome called Break Time, which tells you when to take a break and as simple as taking a break may sound, it’s something that I struggle with, especially when I have lots to do.

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