Influencers are known for creating content, primarily on social media within respective niches, whether an influencer has a few thousand or a few hundred thousand followers; it is likely if they’re generating traffic and driving sales for a brand they will be referred to as an influencer. When you hear the word influencer; Zoella pops up in conversation often, with even your grandparents now knowing who she is. Zoe Sugg is one of the UKs top influencers and has been for a number of years and she managed to get established when influencers weren’t really much of a thing at all. But when she was promoting products on her channel they were being snapped up left, right and centre. Showing the power these influencers have.


What are the practises for working with influencers?

There are so many ‘rules’ when it comes to create content with an influencer, however, as long as the advertisement is disclosed correctly; the other terms should be between you and them. Allowing your influencer to have creative control is key but as you are paying them to create something for your brand, the message they put across is important.

If you’re paying them to create an image, you want the product to be the main point of the image and as long as this is done to their usual standard this ticks all of the boxes. Same goes for writing, if you have a keyword you need inserting, advise them of this, and provide the key word and link and leave the rest to them. If this isn’t something you’re comfortable with ask them to provide you with their ideas and you can work on developing a concept which works for both parties.


How to agree on something that works for both of us?

As a brand you will have certain goals and sales targets you want to meet therefore deciding ideas and asking the influencers to recreate them can work in some instances, however, allowing the influencer to create their own content which will fit in with their theme and it also allows them to produce it to a high standard. If you decide to create full brief for an influencer be open to changes. Finally, enjoy it. At the end of the day both the influencer and yourself are wanting to achieve the same goal, create amazing content not only to look good but to create a buzz around the product and also the image they’ve created.

How much do I pay an influencer?

An influencer will generally have their own rate card which advises of their prices for set work based on their stats typically, these tend to come in the form of a media kit. Ask to see this from an influencer or ask how much they charge and to share their followers/views/DA with you. That way you can go about making an informed decision on the amount of budget you have.

We hope this post has been useful for you and if you need any help running campaigns with influencers feel free to get in touch.