Why Is Brand Identity So Important?

Those household names that have stuck around for years, have been able to build their consumer base through creating a strong brand identity. However, the brand identity comes from the marketing behind the logo. To most of us, seeing a logo helps us to identify that brand. Then dependent on the image surrounding the brand will either help or hinder your brands success.

If your brand is known for excellent results and top customer service, this of course will work in your favour. If you hear of a brand who has been involved in bad press you’re more likely to be cautious around them. With this in mind, how do you create an identity for your brand with value? Here are 4 reasons why brand identity is the key to success for any business. 


Show Off Personality 

Your brand image represents your company, so making sure this is up to a high standard is important. Your personality needs to shine through the brand, so it will be noticed. Make a mind map of your brands core principles and what comes to mind when you think of your company. By writing down words around this mind map, your ideas will start to flow. To show off your brand and who you are, you need to know this first. 

If you have a fun logo and bright coloured site, yet when you speak to your customers you’re dull and formal, it doesn’t fit the personality. Just like people, brands are expected to show themselves in a certain way based on how they act. 

Tone Of Voice (TOV)

It is important to keep your tone of voice the same across all of your platforms, whether you’re looking for a more upbeat image full of colour or a more serious front, it is key to channel this across your social media platforms as well as your site. If you’re a solicitors it is likely that your site is going to look vastly different than a makeup brand. By making your language match your image, you’re building rapport. 


Link Donuts logo designs


For The Visual Aspects 

Creating a logo which fits for your brand is important as a logo does more than first meets the eye. A logo will grab attention and you need a strong logo to make a good first impression. Try to sum up your brand via your logo, think colours, fonts, placements and images. Colour Affects is a great resource when it comes to psychology around colours and our brains. 

First Impressions Count

When you meet a person for the first time it takes seconds for you to form an opinion of that person, this usually is based on their looks. The same applies for any website. The last thing you want to happen is a potential client clicks through to your site and decides based on the way it looks they’re no longer interested. Keep your site looking great and make sure the site is running well behind the scenes too.   

If you’re looking to create a new logo for your brand, head on over to my graphic design page and find out what I can create for you.