It’s been on the cards for a while now, that Instagram plan to remove likes on a trial basis across the platform. Starting in Australia and New Zealand and now has been rolled out worldwide. Instagram has advised the trial is now taking part globally. With random accounts been selected to have their likes hidden until further notice. These will then only be openly able to be seen by the content creator. Instagram advises they’re implementing the change to build positivity on the platform. Due to the high number of young people feeling under pressure from the site. So what does this mean from a business point of view? 


As a small business 

The hiding of likes is more than likely to have an impact on businesses but is this a good impact or a bad one? Likes often show the success of a company as it shows a well engaged audience. Which of course, as a small business can often be seen as a sign of trust for those who are curious about the brand. But for the most part, as you can still see likes as the creator, you can still find out if your content is a hit.   

Is Instagram removing likes?

As an influencer

When it comes to influencers, it is likely that they will be subject to the biggest change. With likes being crucial to some brands when it comes to working with influencers. With influencers claiming to already see a drop in their engagement. On the flipside micro influencers are embracing the change, with the like count being hidden they feel like they have the confidence to post content they may not have done previously in fear of it not doing well. 

By having the Instagram likes removed it is giving power back to the creators and allowing them to express themselves more. With the creators of Instagram hoping it pushes more content creators over to the video side of the platform. 

What have instagram said? 

The social media giant has so far received a positive response from those around the globe who have tried the new version of the platform. Adam Mosseri who is the head of Instagram advised at a WIRED25 conference that Instagram is looking to create a “less pressured environment”  WIRED has shared the video for those looking to watching this first hand. 

The future of likes

It is still very much up in the air about whether Instagram are removing the likes from the site for good. However, for the time being it looks like the trial is very much here to stay. If the trial provides the results the platform are looking for, it is speculated that likes will be hidden from all users in early 2020.

Is Instagram removing likes?